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RNNoise noise remover


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gravydanger submitted a new resource:

RNNoise noise remover - OBS plugin for RNNoise, an AI-based noise filter

Noise suppression plugin based on Jean-Marc Valin's RNNoise (or, more accurately, Gregor Richards's fork rnnoise-nu). Uses a recurrent neural network (fancy machine learning stuff) trained on various sets of community-submitted noise.

You can choose between multiple noise reduction models that are tuned for slightly different use cases (e.g. "clean" recording environment vs. busy environment).

It should be possible to build this on all platforms, but at this time I can only offer a...
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any idea why this not work in mine?

LoadLibrary failed for '../../obs-plugins/64bit/obs-rnnoise.dll': (null) (193)


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nevermind, the 64 dll in the installer is the same as the 32 version, i downloaded the 64 dll and used it instead


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I love this filter. can the filter be applied to windows audio driver? or voicemeeter banana? so that my discord friends won't hear any buzzing/static sound coming from my mic.