audio filters

  1. N

    Reagate plugin R-channel haywire

    I'm getting this issue on reagate filter plugin. Any idea how to trouble shoot to determine the cause? It doesn't appear to be causing actual noise when recording. Also this doesn't occur when I open up Reaper DAW. Deleting the filter and recreating it solved the problem once, but it occurred...
  2. Guy_Emu

    Nvidia audio SDK break OBS and cause crashing

    updated the audio SDK from this website like OBS asked for in the audio filters menu. I downloaded the 30 series version since that's my GPU, then when I launched OBS both my monitors would turn on and off every few...
  3. K

    OBS asking to upgrade NVIDIA Video & Audio SDK when I have an AMD Graphics Card

    So I recently swapped out my old GTX 1050 TI for an RX 580, and before I updated my OBS to version 29 noise suppression was working perfectly fine. I was using RNNoise for my noise suppression and even if I pick Speex it still says "Warning: Please upgrade both NVIDIA Video& Audio SDK. Your...
  4. A

    Audio Filters opening when starting OBS

    Hi, When I’m starting OBS program, all my mic filters are opening themselves in new windows and it’s really annoying. And yes, I’ve the lastest version of OBS and the filters on my pc. How can I stop them to doing this? Thanks and best, Adam
  5. dudeguy9000

    Audio filters for calls without needing a virtual cable?

    Hi. First time posting. I'm wondering if it would be possible to eliminate the need for virtual cables, when for example using OBS' great audio filters to enhance the quality of the voice for calls, recording, etc.? that would make it more convenient and reliable for daily use Blue Sherpa/Blue...
  6. K

    Live streaming Violin on OBS

    Does anyone have some advice about ideal settings for livestreaming violin solo with a loud volume and frequency range of 196 hz - 3.5 khz and 78-95 dB I use a Blue Yeti mic and I'm specifically looking for parameters to set the mic filter settings (compressor, noise gate, etc). I already know...
  7. theredchord411

    Soundtoys Little Plate VST causing OBS to crash?

    I just started adding Sountoys Little Plate as an audio filter in OBS and it functions perfectly fine when OBS is running, but noticed that I get a 100% crash rate upon closing OBS. Last log file:
  8. Z

    Help: Noise Gate Audio Filter to remove keyboard and mouse sounds

    I tried using a noise gate to remove the keyboard and mouse clicks in my audio recordings. It successfully removed the clicks when I am clicking separately from when I am speaking, however if I am clicking and speaking at the same time, the clicks can still be easily heard. Is there any fix to...
  9. B

    Audio filters not being applied to USB interface (Presonus Studio 24c)

    The situation is streaming to YouTube. We were using a cheap RCA to USB interface for a video camera to capture audio, and recently upgraded to a Presonus Studio 24c. When I hooked up the Presonus for the first time and everything worked perfectly, with Windows and OBS recognizing it without a...
  10. gravydanger

    RNNoise noise remover

    Noise suppression plugin based on Jean-Marc Valin's RNNoise (or, more accurately, Gregor Richards's fork rnnoise-nu). Uses a recurrent neural network (fancy machine learning stuff) trained on various sets of community-submitted noise. It's fairly light on CPU usage. Unlike the RNNoise support...
  11. X

    Auto Subtitle 1.0.0

    obs-auto-subtitle Auto Subtitle for OBS! Show the subtitle as long as you speak. Currently only support ASR Service Providers from China. 简体中文 Feature Autosub Filter : transcode audio and send to Cloud provider. Aliyun NLS: Support for Aliyun real-time transcript. Xunfei RTASR: Support for...
  12. J

    Question / Help Audio Filter Strategy For Large Number of Audio Sources

    I'm running a stream while I am taking about 23 RTMP streams as input (from DJs streaming to me also using OBS via Media Sources) and I'm mixing them to a single output stream. To ensure consistent audio, I have compressors and limiters on the input stream. The challenge I'm having is that as I...
  13. C

    Question / Help Slight echo sound when recording

    Hi! This is my first post on here, so i apologize if formatting or anything is wrong! As my title says, I am receiving a very slight echo sound to where words can be heard basically right under themselves. I use a razer seiren x as my mic, and it hadn't done this before today. Recently I...
  14. TheVisionaryOne

    Question / Help Mic Compressor Amplifies Quiet Sounds?

    Hey all, I added a Compressor filter to my Blue Snowball mic a few weeks ago to reduce peaking. Whenever I talk loudly or yell, it peaks really bad, and hurts my viewers' ears. I've been testing the Compressor filter off and on for a while, and I like the effect it has on reduce the peaks in my...