PipeWire Audio Capture

PipeWire Audio Capture 1.1.4

This is a port of obsproject/obs-studio#6207

  • App captures can now capture multiple streams per app
  • App captures now have an option to capture all apps except the selected one
  • Device captures properly detect and capture default devices
Fixed crash on PipeWire >= 0.3.46
Sources targeting default devices properly connect to them when they're created again after the first time
Selecting a target that is two or more times in the list connects to the correct one
  • Implemented reconnecting to disconnected targets (from 0.2.0)
  • Fixed a bug where different sources connected to the same target would get disconnected (from 0.2.1)
  • Fixed a bug where if the targets existed but sources were created afterwards (not for the first time, for example when opening OBS) there would be no connection
  • Fixed memory leaks