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Qufy submitted a new resource:

PipeWire Audio Capture - Experimental PipeWire output, input and application capture

Do not use this for production

Experimental PipeWire audio capturing for OBS Studio
This plugin adds 3 sources for capturing outputs, inputs and applications using PipeWire
There is no real need for this currently, pipewire-pulse works perfectly with OBS's PulseAudio implementations

You can find more info as well as building instructions on the GitHub page

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Qufy updated PipeWire Audio Capture with a new update entry:


  • Implemented reconnecting to disconnected targets (from 0.2.0)
  • Fixed a bug where different sources connected to the same target would get disconnected (from 0.2.1)
  • Fixed a bug where if the targets existed but sources were created afterwards (not for the first time, for example when opening OBS) there would be no connection
  • Fixed memory leaks

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New Member
I know you say not to use this for production but this plugin is absolutely amazing. Ive been trying to separate game audio from desktop in my recordings but for some reason if i do it with a loopback and then through obs mixer the audio cuts out and comes back every few seconds. This plugin allows me to simply record the game audio from the game itself flawlessly, and being that im using VKCapture i can avoid conflict with the pipewire window capture till that is fixed.

I genuinely appreciate you for this plugin, its solved the biggest issue ive had no luck with till now.