PipeWire Audio Capture

PipeWire Audio Capture 1.1.4

  • Fix incompatibility with OBS Studio 28 and 29 (#50)
  • Fixed sources connecting to the default system sink when using WirePlumber 0.4.8 or older
  • Output sources now list duplex devices (#38)
  • Some applications not playing audio are now shown in the targets list (#37)
  • Fixed device captures being unable to change target on newer versions of PipeWire
  • Fixed device captures resetting to "Default" when opening the properties after the original target node has been lost
  • Fixed errors when hiding/showing the sources
  • Added an option to the app capture source that allows choosing how to display and match targets (#21)
  • App capture sources now use the application audio icon
  • Fixed the exclusion setting not being saved
  • Fixed app capture not working with Mumble
  • App captures now filter streams using the app's binary name, you may need to reconfigure some sources
  • App captures now allow setting them to target apps not in the selection list
  • Fixed app capture not working when the default system sink is using the Pro Audio profile
  • Input Capture now lists virtual sources
  • Fixed sources rarely not outputting audio
  • Fixed some issues when EasyEffects is used
  • Only one entry per app is shown in properties
  • Revert source IDs to be the same as in versions 0.x.x. You may have to reconfigure some sources, sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Fixed crash on source creation