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OBS Lua OBSPlay (Nvidia ShadowPlay Alternative) 1.0.1

There was an error in the last update which could have caused possible issues(I forgot to release a source). That is now fixed. Regarding the bug I mentioned in the last update post. I could not figure out why it does this but there is a solution. Make your Recording Path(The one in OBS Settings, not the script) to the drive you want you replays to be moved to(*Does not have to be same folder, just same drive*). For some reason OBS's function (obs.os_rename) is not able to move a file across drives. I am going to try and find a better work around but until then do that.
As using this script I decided to set the 'Base Save Path' to my D: drive, this is my secondary drive. I have noticed that the script will not move the replay there. I am trying to figure out what caused this. Let me know if you have the same issue. I will keep you all updated on the progress to fix this