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This is an alpha release that has not been thoroughly tested but I thought it was better to try and release something somewhat functional rather than nothing. Bugs are expected

What's Changed
* Sync back main branch with dev by @jbwong05 in
* OBS v28/29 compatibility by @jbwong05 in
* Release v2.0.0 alpha by @jbwong05 in

Full Changelog:
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Changes and Fixes
  • Added freetype 2 alpha channel for OBS 27.1 #14
  • Added compiler optimizations for Linux/macOS
  • Fixed cmake build type check
  • Fixed multiline single file reading crash #22
  • Fixed crash, file reading, garbage text, and delim parsing relating to the 256 byte CHUNK_SIZE #17
Changes and Fixes
  • Added text slideshows nested within other scenes to the dock (#10)
Changes and Fixes
  • Added a preview and program tab to the dock for #6 as requested by an2knee
  • Added custom delimiters for single file reading for #7
Changes and Fixes
  • Added multiple file support for #4
    • Expected file formats can be found here
Changes and Fixes
  • Added UTF-8 file reading as requested by #1
    • Possible chance to support UTF-16, however there is limited support for UTF-16 by the existing FreeType2 and GDI+ text plugins which are used behind the scenes
    • Expected file format can be found here
  • Fixed memory leak introduced by e2ffa24, the current fix for #3
  • Fixed various compiler warnings
  • Properly followed obs-studio clang formatting
Changes and Fixes
  • Fixed the dock source order not matching the source list
  • Fixed desyncing issue where toggling between manual/auto mode using the play/pause button would not be reflected in the source's settings
  • Updated the windows installer url
  • Fixed #2 where GDI+ text sources always appeared centered
  • Allowed already selected sources in the dock to still be transitioned to
  • Fixed race condition where the dock would appear empty because texts were being retrieved before available
  • Janky fix for #3. Will be looking for more proper solution in the future
Changes and fixes
  • Removed the need for a manual refresh button. The dock should now automatically update when Text Slide Show sources in the current scene are added, removed, renamed, or modified
Changes and Fixes
  • Added text slide show dock to make manually jumping and transitioning to different text sources easier
    • Currently a refresh button is required to refresh the dock because there is no source add/edit event in the obs-frontend-api; possible workarounds being investigated
  • Fixed missing locales for some of the Free Type 2 settings
  • Added some missing licenses
  • Fixed issue with macOS packaging where the incorrect dependency paths were being updated