obs-shaderfilter 2.3.2

  • Improve shader convertion
  • Add polar and flip shader
  • Improve shader conversion
  • Add fireworks2.shader
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  • Add fill color shaders
  • Add digital-rain.shader
  • Add shader convert button
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Fix default shader for transitions
Fix blending for transparent image source
Fix sources used in shader not active and showing
Add fireworks.shader
Fix crash when selecting file
Fix memory leak
Fix blending for following filters
Fix color
  • Add Transitions
  • Fix transparent colors (@FiniteSingularity)
  • Render shader only once per tick
  • Add rotating-source.shader
Fix shaders for Mac and Linux
  • Fix memory leaks
  • Fix dynamic-mask.shader for glsl
  • Add gb-camera.shader
  • Add voronoi-pixelation.shader
  • Add intensity-scope.shader
  • Add tv-crt-subpixel.shader
  • Add rain-window.shader
  • Add hsl_hsv_saturation.shader by @CameraTim
  • Add version info to settings
  • Add error information to settings
  • Fix shader color parameters
  • Fix RGB visibility shader
  • Add property group support
  • Fix color space for 10 bit sources
  • Add shader examples:
    • dynamic mask
    • halftone
    • rgb split (Anaglyph 3D)
    • rgb visibility (by @EposVox)