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Free OBS Mic-Check

Check that OBS Studio audio state and active video sources are synchronized, e.g., when "BRB" is showing, mic should be off, and vice-versa. Also includes alarms for dropped frames.

Requires OBS Websocket tested on 4.2.0
Currently hosted off my personal website:

Data is stored in the browser local storage, so it will have to be re-setup in different browsers/devices.
I've made some attempts to make the UI understandable, but I've had no other users, so I expect rough spots. Let me know where you run into trouble. I've only been using it on my desktop.

Github: obs-mic-check
Twitter: @wondible
I streamed the development on Twitch: wondible
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Latest updates

  1. Improved feedback and restart handling

    A few small updates: The dropped frame graph should behave more gracefully when the stream is...

Latest reviews

This was very confusing to use and no documentation was provided. Not all of my scenes or sources were shown. It seemed to have most of them but not the actual ones I needed. I simply wanted to ensure that when on the BRB, starting soon, or ending scenes that my mic was muted. Currently handling this with hotkeys and bot commands. I could not figure out how to get this tool to work.