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OBS Lua OBS Bitrate Settings Calculator 1.1.0

Calculate best resolution or frame rate for a target bitrate. I use it when changing from high motion to high detail, or trying to figure out what I can stream at on bad internet days.

  • Select an optimization target to have that value calculated based on the others.
  • Bitrate, Resolution, and FPS should be initialized from OBS, you may need to use *Capture OBS Settings* as they are not necessarily accurate at startup.
  • When editing text controls, you must press *Refresh* to updated calculated fields.
No changes are made to OBS settings. While I have found a way to update the runtime OBS video configuration, I do not know of any way to persistently change OBS settings.


MilliBits Per Pixel is used instead of the more traditional Bits Per Pixel because OBS float controls only display two decimal points.

Refresh button is a limitation of OBS properties, possibly only in the scripting interface. Triggering a refresh from a text control modified handler causes the control to lose focus on each character.

Partly based on google sheet, which includes a lot of additional information about choosing video settings.

As always experiment, I was pretty happy with 720p30 when I could reliably get over 2kbps, which is nominally only 75mbpp.
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