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OBS Lua Dropped Frame Alarm 2.1.0

Plays a audio alarm (media source) when rendering, encoding or network lag is detected, and draws a graph of recent dropped frames.


OBS-Websockets connections will be disrupted when the alarm activates.


Add a media source for the alarm. A suitable sound file is provided with the script. Open Advanced Audio Properties for the source and change Audio Monitoring to Monitor Only (mute output).

Add a copy of the alarm source to every scene where you want to hear it.

You may configure the sample window for alarms, as well as the percent of dropped frames to alarm at.

A custom source is available for drawing a dropped frame graph in the sample period. It can be added to the source panel. You may want to hide it and use a windowed projector to view the graph yourself.

Source has settings for color of each layer - Rendering Lag (default purple), Encoding Lag (default orange), Dropped Frames (default yellow), and Congestion (default green). From fake self-test mode:


The script must be edited to correctly load. Swap the `--` comment characters on the following lines near the top of the script.

    --local obsffi = ffi.load("obs.0.dylib") -- OS X
    local obsffi = ffi.load("obs") -- Windows


Alert sounds: pup_alert.mp3 by willy_ineedthatapp_com`
Default Colors: (?"?) by sugar!


Github: obs-script-dropped-frames
Twitter: @wondible
I streamed the development on Twitch: wondible
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Latest updates

  1. 2.1.0: OSX no longer requires manual script modification

    Found an OS detect function, so the necessary change is now automatic.
  2. 2.0.0: Alarm on all types of lagged/skipped/dropped frames

    - Add Rendering and Encoding lagged frames. - This may require a small edit to the script on...

Latest reviews

It works fine for the most part, but avoid it if you use an elgato streamdeck as it seems to completely breaks things when you have the streamdeck plugin installed (streamdeck auto-installs a plugin for OBS when you use direct OBS control features). It stops being able to switch scenes and will cause a crash when you try to close OBS. Not once have I gotten it to gracefully close. And in fact most times I have to get powershell involved to actually get it to close after the crash.
Works very well and featureful! Includes a graph source as well as triggering the media source for your alarm of choice (WAV). Not a bad addition and something I'd like to see Native to OBS such as how SLOBS has it with both Drops and Stalls, this script could be the way to that native integration. Great job! The Author is also very responsive and polite!