Neon 0.2.2

NEON Theme for OBS Studio v30

Theme with soft colors, a clean layout and special adaptations for the most commons plugins.

Example with multiple plugins:


Removed redundant exit button in the controls dock.
No more accidental program exits when editing a scene collection.

Neon without Exit button.png


Neon Settings.png

Neon Settings2.png

Inspired by the incredible uixNinja designs.

How to install

1. Unpack files into your OBS Studio Theme Folder (...\obs-studio\data\obs-studio\themes)
2. Go to Settings > General and select the theme
3. Restart OBS Studio to display it correctly
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Latest updates

  1. Update for OBS Studio v30.0 + plugins compatibility

    Updated to the new status bar Added/improved compatibility with various plugins, specially with...
  2. Update for OBS Studio v29.1

    Added new unassigned icon
  3. Exit button removed (in controls dock), color/icons changes and special fixes

    Removed the exit button in the controls dock. You can exit the program like any other...

Latest reviews

It is the only theme that allows me to reduce the statistics window and other windows that take up a lot of space.

The only disadvantage is that the font does not have much resolution in 4k.

Of all the themes I have tried, almost all the available ones, I choose this one. I use it on my three PCs.