1. andrecoste

    Free (With Signup) Basket Score: real-time scoreboard for your live sports streaming

    Basket Score is a new platform that allows you to make professional live streaming by creating a custom board that shows all the information about the game in real time. Thanks to this tool it is possible to score points, fouls, timeouts and quarters of the game, so as to make the viewer’s...
  2. MimaSweets

    Meloncholy (Light theme) 1.1

    it's my first theme, i hope you like it! some custom icons made with users that have issues reading bright fonts over dark backgrounds in mind! and very nice colors for people that just want to have a less boring light theme than System! thanks to MarsMehlo, Shelly, Zhebe, and Jason for the...
  3. C

    Question / Help Game Audio Issues

    I'm new to OBS and recording in general. Right now the only issue I'm encountering has to deal with my audio. To clarify beforehand, all audio is being recorded, it's just that my recorded game audio comes out sounding very... Airy. It sounds light, lacks bass, and some noises arent as loud...
  4. W

    Question / Help Strange recording effects

    Hi I've got a problem with recordings. There is a strange visual effect on my recordings, it also changes the brightness when light elements shows up. Different settings and disc formatting doesn't work. What should I do to get rid of that problem? Sorry about my english, I've tried to...