Neon 1.0


Monsteer submitted a new resource:

Neon - Clean & Soft UI

NEON Theme for OBS Studio v29

Theme with soft colors and a clean layout with special adaptations for the most commons plugins.

Example with multiple plugins:

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Inspired by the incredible uixNinja designs.

How to install

1. Unpack files into your OBS Studio Theme Folder (...\obs-studio\data\obs-studio\themes)
2. Go to Settings > General and select the theme
3. Restart OBS Studio to display it...

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Monsteer updated Neon with a new update entry:

Exit button removed (in controls dock), color/icons changes and special fixes

Removed the exit button in the controls dock.

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You can exit the program like any other software with the close button of the main window or with the top menu bar in File/Exit.

Recolored the muted volume meters and the mute icon.

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Changed icons for check boxes.

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Special fixes for Transition Table plugin.

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