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Multiple RTMP outputs plugin 2020-05-17

Excellent ! what i'm seaking / searching for
Its Awesome Plugin Thank You!!.... im waiting this plugin for OBS on Mac Os
Awesome plugin!! Thank you!
As a suggestion, it would be great to be able to see information of each stream.
Sorayuki, your plugin is really good, and function well. However, the plugin docking UI interface keep reset after exit OBS and enter again. I have to constantly re-adjust the Multiple Output dock, hope this help you to refine it.
Extremamente prático, principalmente na questão da transmissão para o Facebook por causa de problemas do protocolo rtmps.
Mas nos testes verifiquei um uso de recursos de processador comparado no uso do nginx+stunnel.
Domingo (31/05) vou fazer testes com duas cameras e outros recursos do obs studio e comparar as duas forma de transmissão.
Parabéns pela iniciativa!
Hello sorayuki,

We have tested your plugin with our clients in different scenarios and it works stable and hassle free.

For the convenience of our clients and customers, we have packaged your plugin in a Setup program to support easy installation and uninstall. We are providing this on our web site for download for free.

This is also available for any other user of OBS.

Additionally we have prepared a Spanish translation, which we have upload to your repository at GitHub.

You can find the Setup file on our site for free with full credits back to you.

We would love it if you inform us about updates and changes, so we can prepare an update Setup program.

Thanks for a great plugin!

Sven Mitscherlich
Esse plugin facilitou a vida!
Muito prático de usar e não gera um consumo de CPU ou GPU elevado
Parabéns ao desenvolvedor!
Great plug-in

If possible (from a libobs perspective) perhaps show a framedrops counter for each output
Finally a plugin that solve the multitstream need in OBS! Simply to use. I think it should be automatically integrated in OBS.