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Multiple RTMP outputs plugin 2020-05-17

Supported Bit Versions
  1. 64-bit
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Minimum OBS Studio Version
Supported Platforms
  1. Windows
  2. Mac OS X
  3. Linux

The page is written in Japanese because it's a plugin originally build for vtubers.

This is a plugin to streaming to multiple RTMP servers concurrently.
It's able to share encoders with main output of OBS to save CPU power.
It can also use standalone encoders with basic configuration (bitrate)

First release
Last update
4.29 star(s) 69 ratings

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Latest reviews

Works great on latest OBS. I don't know what that other guy is on about with it "needing to be updated."
It needs to be updated to OBS 30.1.1 because it doesnt work otherwise but thank you for making this
Works very well. I added my YouTube settings, set audio output to the same as my Twitch Vod track, and it *just worked.*

It flawlessly allows me to stream to both platforms without having to pay for a restream service, or use a watermark.
Amazing plugin, easily top 5 BUT needs HSL support ASAP.
it's a really good plugin, however I would wish for a way to rescale the resolution output for platforms like twitch
I wish the wording used for this plugin was better.
So I find the plugin mega helpful. However, I miss the possibility to set the bitrate. Or to limit the resolution.
You have the fields for it, but they are not clickable. Only when I set the encoder, I can also change the resolution. But I don't want to change the encoder, I want the plugin to use the encoder of OBS, but I still have the possibility to set the resolution and the bitrate.
Because in OBS I have set up Youtube as hautpstreaming platform and I stream there with 1440p and 15000 kb/s, I would like to limit these settings in the plugin for Twitch, because there only 1080p and 6000 kb/s are allowed
Very nice plugin! Working awesome! Thank you for it!
I have been using this plugin for nearly a year now on Windows 10, works flawlessly. Have used it to stream to youtube & twitch, but have also used it too stream to kick, youtube, twitch, aswell as a group stream where I streamed to 3 twitch channels at once. Only limitation is my hardware as each RTMP output puts on more stress to my machine, so I try to keep myself contained to 2 platforms (youtube & twitch). dont know what people are smoking saying its a virus.