Media Controls

Media Controls 0.2.0

perfect, works nice
One of if not the most useful plugin in OBS.
Big props to Exeldro!
Excellent! I have one propose for next updates.
In studio mode, we can play for preview media source out of air, and choose a point for start and end when go to air.
Wonderful. I was researching timer add-ins to keep track of pre-recorded videos (knowing exactly when they were about to end), and . And there was a lot of tracking videos, etc. All of that is no longer necessary with this wonderful plug, especially in my use case when combined with Advanced Scene switcher and its new Media tab (video ends, change scene) as I alternate from pre-recorded content to live video.
Thank you so much!
If at this point I need to explain why a @Exeldro plugin is fucking amazing, you are probably new to OBS. Let me give you some advice: If Exeldro publish a pluging, you say THANKS FATHER EXELDRO