Live Polls, let your audience participate in your decisions

Free Live Polls, let your audience participate in your decisions 2023-09-11

You now have the posibility to configure a QR code to redirect your audience to your poll.

Removed the annoying ads from poll configurator make it easier for the user to focus on the base inputs
Fixed an issue that wasn't allowing non latin characters to be used in polls
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Updated the vote interface to make it more user friendly
You can now create up to 100 pols, useful for streamers running surveys during their stream
- Introduced alert demos to make it easier for you to position the alerts on your screen

- Added the option to choose alert sounds from a small list of funny sound effects

-Fixed small issue in the configurator where date selector was not hiding when changed to another option
-Reduced the amount of ads displayed on the vote page and made it static and less distracting
Now you can have Alerts when someone vote on your poll, you can configure the alerts to fit your overlay as they come as a different browser source.

2023-09-19 09-15-51.gif
The system now sends you an email with your poll links vote link and OBS Source link, the email is just optional otherwise you'll have to save the links because polls with no views / votes are cleared after a week.
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