Release v2.1.1
  • Bug Fixes
    • Resizing was broken literally minutes before v2.1.0, now fixed (b76a651)
  • Cleaned up some more
Release v2.1.0
Wowee! I made lots of changes I didn't expect to make this soon! Things are really progressing! Thanks to everyone who helped test it along the way!

Enjoy GameMaster v2.1.0!
  • QoL fixed and changes
    • Added splash-screen on startup (aa9b266)
    • Fixed outdated client compatibility (8696fef) #4
    • Added automatic update checks (4bf0c80)
    • News system for sending announcements to clients (2dc0fad)
    • Moved completely over to Ttk (f6b1018)
  • Reworked a lot of the timing functionality
    • Added Stop-watch and count-up functionality (28bfa7f) #5
    • Changed overflow handling (d5f7bc2)
    • Example configs have been updated accordingly (0328aa4)
    • Slightly improved update and config error handling (fbd23be)
    • GameMaster app will reflect minutes output when MM:SS is selected (9161449)
    • Opted to just remove clear-time warning for now (8a91fab)
  • Fixed some bugs (139b85c, f4ccc54, 9f32ce7)
    • fixed text being written to files in ANSI instead of Unicode (28a8fd0)
    • fixed source code check (b06b6db)
    • fixed 60 minutes bug (dcd9a58) #6
    • fixed discord link issue (2711098)
    • fixed a bad try... except during config loading (c879277)
    • fixed leftover threads on exit (4b6c905)
  • Added a first-run only donation request
    • Triggered by closing the app following the first run (9944049)
    • After the first run, this will be disabled by a config file. Removing the object or file will cause the popup to show one more time
  • uwu