dvd screensaver

dvd screensaver 1.1

Plugin is no longer maintained, and hasn't received an update in 4 years.
the plugin and the screen saver are fine what can be changed everything is fine very good universallp
I am experiencing the same issues as Dewald below, but I found that the box size fixes itself if you change the Image Scale size and return it back to the desired size.

The fact that I need to do this every time I open OBS is rather frustrating however, as is the problem of how often it reverts back to the original DVD screensaver logo completely forgetting the source I directed it to.

All in all, it serves the function I need it to, but the annoyance of needing to manually "fix" it every time I open OBS makes me question how worth it it is. It's certainly the least-buggy DVD screensaver option I've found, but it's far from perfect.
Every time I add this to my scene and set the size of the box that it is bound to bounce in and when I close and re-open OBS in the newest versions even in older it bounce's out of the range of the set box that I have specified it to be on 2 sides of the box mainly bottom and right

I can provide Screenshots of what if happening If my explanation does not make sense

other than that It works just as well

Also sometimes I have to select another object / photo and then select the object / Photo of what I really want it should bounce then it will show

I guess it sometimes does not recognize the selected to be shown as a Item that will not get shown and only shows the default object / photo mainly the DVD icon
Perfect. This should be a built-in. I'm serious, this is exactly the type of plugin streamers need. Who doesn't want to watch an image bounce around while a streamer is taking a break?
Set to 23.85 FPS for most realistic speed!
Works as intended.