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Free Discord Overlay 1.0.1

A DirectX 11 window for Windows to host Discord's Overlay in order to capture and display it with OBS.
Based on the idea of Discord Overlay Host I made an updated version as it wasn't updated in 5 years and accumulated a lot of issues.

  • Run the .exe
  • Within Discord go to user settings ► Game activity ► Add it ► Select "Discord Overlay".
  • Also in Discord, user settings ► Overlay ► Check "enable overlay in game".
  • Within OBS add a capture window source and select Discord Overlay.
  • Add a chroma key filter to the Discord Overlay source, set the HTML color to 2e3136, similarity to 1, smoothness to 1, opacity to 74, contrast to 0.39 and the rest of the values to default.
  • Windows 7+
  • A DirectX 11 capable GPU to run the program.
Source code
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Why not use Discord Streamkit ?
The people behind Streamkit clearly never really used it. The link it generates works only for the specific room of the specific server you targeted. It means that if you move to another room/server you need to recreate another link.
With this solution you only need to set it up once and that's it.

Why is it greyish ?
I get that it's not easy to chroma key that color but if there was a green background it would look awful as the Discord's overlay is partially transparent. You'd have a disgusting green under the overlay that you couldn't make disappear.
The current RGB color of the background is 46, 49, 54.

Why can't I resize the window ?
The way Discord detects if it will display its overlay on a window depends of 2 factors :
  • Does it use the GPU ?
  • Does it have dimensions of at least 769*433 pixels ?
So the window needs to be at least 769*433 and it takes into account the scale factor of each display. So in order to avoid any confusion about if my program works or if the window is too small I forced the size of its window. I doubt that you will need to have a bigger window for the overlay anyway. The window might be of a different size if you have a scale factor on one of your monitor that isn't 100%.
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  1. Fixed window' size

    Fixed the window' size when there is a scale factor of exactly 1 in Windows.