Countdown to time

OBS Python Countdown to time 1.8

When switch to scene was enabled obs crashed if you changed to another scene collection if the scene switch had taken place, this is no longer the case. I also added the feature to not show the timer anywhere by selecting "[No text source]" in the "Text Source" dropdown. Disabling the scene switch is now done by selecting "[No scene switch]" in the "End scene" dropdown.
I now use tooltips to show the help info
Removed useless code from the script
If you put in a time which has already been passed, the timer will count the time on the next day. A bug which caused obs to crash has also been fixed. Thanks @Wayne01 for the feedback!
You can now play a beep (on the system, not in obs) when the timer finishes. Unfortunately this is only available for windows, on other operating systems the option will be hidden.
You can now show and hide the hours, minutes and/or seconds
Changed file name to "countdown to"