Cooliguay Theme

Cooliguay Theme 1.8.1

Compatibility with v30.1
Added/improved compatibility with various plugins
Updated to the new status bar

Improved compatibility with plugins

Minor fixes
Added new unassigned icon
  • Fix disabled text color
  • Fix minimum button size (for Vertical Canvas plugin ie.)
  • Fix hotkeys border color
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  • Fix for YouTube settings
  • Fixed mixer dock size
  • Fixed source, scene and mixer rounded borders
  • Fixed mixer toolbar buttons size
  • Fixed VLC source buttons size
  • Fixed transitions dock buttons size
  • Fix for font settings
  • Other small adjustments and fixes
Update for OBS Studio v29.0 + small fixes
  • Update for OBS Studio v28.0.3
  • Small fixes
For v27, download the v1.3 of the theme.
1.3 Small improvements
  • Removed filter separator
  • Removed sources unfocus outline
  • Fix float icon position
  • Added message question .svg icon

Removed filter separator:

Float button position & unfocus outline

Message question .svg icon:
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1.2 Fixed checkboxes inside groupboxes & context bar separators
  • A checkbox inside a groupbox (plugins mostly) is now displayed correctly.
  • Removed context bar separators.



context before.png

context after.png
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1.1 Improvements for high DPI monitors, general improvements and fixes

  • Hotkeys highlight color changed
  • Combobox highlight color changed
  • Added focus icons for check & radio boxes
  • More darker disabled text
  • Tab buttons pressed color changed
  • Buttons pressed color changed
  • Mute/unmute buttons are now a little more red
  • Mute/unmute buttons are now bigger
  • Fixed a dead zone in the scrollbars
  • Toolbar buttons pressed color changed
  • Added .svg versions for check and radio buttons
  • Changed spinboxes sizes
  • Other small fixes