I just set this up to use two instances of OBS...one for casting and one for capturing. Then I sent the video over the Named Pipes and this works for using one PC. This is extremely amazing!! 10/10

Most people were forced to purchase expensive encoding equipment due to the loss of capturing high bandwidth devices. Capturing and casting high bandwidth GPUs and high refresh rate monitors is exactly what this plugin can do, even when this is in beta. Keep up the amazing work!
God tier plugin, This is the plugin what I needed for a long time. now I can some 5GbE, or faster NIC.
In v0.6.0-beta, I didn't face any bug, even the network is not that fast to fit my need. but a beam source doesn't refresh itself, when a sender setting have changed.
Also I hope there is beam video filter to send a certain source to another OBS.
Thanks for the review and the feedback! A filter for a single source will certainly be implemented later, I just want to sort out a few other things first. Regarding the refresh issue it would be nice if you could describe your issue more thoroughly in the Discussion area. Changing a sender setting should actually make any source disconnect, reconnect and use the new settings.