hdr support

  1. YorVeX

    Beam v1.1.0

    Beam Seeking help with translations, please go here if you want to help, thanks! Beam (technical project name "xObsBeam") is an OBS plugin to transmit video and audio feeds between OBS instances, raw, or with lossless or lossy compression. An alternative to NDI and Teleport for A/V...
  2. D

    X264 10-bit Support

    I tried all the new 10-bit Support since the beta released and I'm very impressed. It works very well for me. There is one thing I would suggest: to be able to also stream in x264 10-bit to Youtube, since Youtube supports HDR Livestreaming. I don't know if that is on porpuse or a bug, but right...
  3. savmikeonthemic

    Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) Support for HDR Live Streams?

    Is it possible to add HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) support to OBS for HDR live streams? I know it might seem excessive right now, but I have a feeling HDR live streams will be needed for a good variety of users as live streaming becomes more readily adopted. A couple of other reasons stood out to me...
  4. H

    Question / Help When we can expect HDR support with OBS?

    There are approx 120 million consoles (PS4 + Xbox Ones) all over the world which HDMI-output supports HDR signal but OBS doesn't. When we can expect HDR support with OBS for streaming? In current situation it is not possible to play and enjoy your 4K HDR Game on your HDR 4K TV and stream it with...