Audio Monitor

Audio Monitor 0.8.3

A much awaited audio tool... simply perfect ! :D
Controls like this should be built into OBS. Adds a needed and missing element to controlling your streams audio.
Cannot be more excited about such simple looking tool. Opens tons of possibilities , thanks for making it !
Absolutely fantastic plugin and a gamechanger. We have totally reworked our setup for the financial news in Norway and this plugin made it all possible. We can now route video playback sound out to the studio room for the hosts to listen to, while also monitoring it in the directors room. We've also made a "pling" sound whenever a video has 5sec left to play make our hosts ready to be on air again. This simply would not have been possible without this plugin.

Just great!
wonderful plugin, honestly I don't know why this isn't a built in feature in OBS. It does cause your OBS to crash after you're doing with your live stream when you exit OBS, but at least it doesn't crash during the stream. I have noticed others with the same issue. It's a usable plugin and the crash only happens when you close it - enough to live with it because it's such a nice plugin to have <3
Another much needed feature in OBS added by Exeldro. Very cool, thank you.
Absolutely essential plug-in for anyone who cares about their audio!

I produce a virtual variety show, so being able to provide monitors ONLY for the channels my performers need to hear is absolutely essential!
This solved so many issues for a 2 pc streaming setup.
The only downside I've noticed is a delay happens over time.
The upside is the plugin allows me to route in a way where this no longer becomes an issue.
It has too many bugs and in MacOS it's not worth the trouble, it would have been great if it worked but it crashes every time for the slightest reasons, adjusting the volume it crashes, muting it crashes, activating "audio monitor filter" it crashes, it even crashes when closing OBS, so if you installed it and OBS is crashing believe the probability is that it has everything to do with Audio Monitor. I uninstalled it and OBS stopped crashing.

Asking for help with this is futile nobody will give you a straight answer.

To bad because in MacOS there is no voicemeter app to help control audio
Can you provide me crash log files to investigate?