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OBS Lua Advanced Timer 6.0.0

Easy to set up- it's my first script to set up. I was able to set up a count up timer within a few seconds. I like how I can also change the colors and choose to display the amount of time that I need. I only need to count up by seconds. This script makes it so I don't have to use up valuable display space by displaying days, hours, or minutes.
Does pretty much what it says. Super easy to install, it's my first and only script and I had no trouble making it work. I'm using to show the time on my live when I'm AFK.
Loved it! would be great if you could set up multiple timers from the same instance (so that we don't have to make a copy for extra timers) and alarm sounds when a countdown is reached, even if it's set to count upwards after that. :)
Works well for the "countdown to specific time" functionality!
I loved the plugin it has more options than the countdown that comes in obs excellent
Script works as described! Definitely an improvement compared to the default countdown script. Only thing I'd like to see is if it could display milliseconds as well.