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Advanced Scene Switcher 1.26.4

Supported Bit Versions
  1. 64-bit
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Minimum OBS Studio Version
Supported Platforms
  1. Windows
  2. Mac OS X
  3. Linux
This plugin will allow you to automate various tasks using "Macros".
Macros consist of a list of conditions under which a list of actions will be performed.


Examples and guides can be found in the wiki.
Feel free to contribute!

Currently supported condition types are:
Currently supported action types are:
  • Audio
  • File
  • Filter
  • Http
  • Hotkey
  • MIDI
  • Macro
  • Media
  • Open Sound Control
  • Plugin state
  • Profile
  • Projector
  • Random
  • Recording
  • Replay buffer
  • Run
  • Scene collection
  • Scene item lock
  • Scene item order
  • Scene item transform
  • Scene item visibility
  • Screenshot
  • Sequence
  • Source
  • Streaming
  • Studio mode
  • Switch scene
  • System tray notification
  • Timer
  • Transition
  • Twitch
  • Variable
  • Virtual camera
  • Wait
  • Websocket
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Please have a quick look at the FAQ in case you are having an issue.

Settings configuration example:
Below is a short description on how to set up an automated scene switch if the output of a video source has not changed for a specified duration.

I assume the plugin is installed so let's open the settings.
To do so go Tools -> Advanced Scene Switcher.

You will end up on the "General" tab of the plugin.
Here we can make sure that the plugin is running by clicking the "Start" button if necessary.


Next we switch to the Macro tab to set up our automated scene switch. (1)
Here we add a new macro by clicking the plus symbol on the lower left (2) and enter a name for our new macro.


Now we have to add the condition we want to trigger the automated scene switch by clicking the corresponding plus symbol (1) and selecting the type of the condition we want to use (2).
As we want use video based scene switching we select the type "Video".


The next step is to configure the settings of this condition.
We select the video source we want to monitor (1) and the type of monitoring we want to take place (2).
For this particular use case we choose "hos not changed".
Finally we add the time constraint by pressing the small clock icon (3).


For the time constraint we specify the type of constraint (1) we want to choose and specify the duration (2).
In this case we select "For at least" and "3 seconds".


As a last step we have to specify the action that has to be performed if the condition we specified above is true.
To do this we have to add a new action to our macro by pressing the plus button in the lower middle of the macro tab.


The default action that is chose is already our desired one - "Switch scene" - so we do not have to adjust the type of the action.
However we have to select the scene we want to switch to (1) the transition type we want to use (2) and the duration of the transition (3).
(The duration can be left at "0" to use whatever is configured as the current transition duration)


Now everything should be set up and the scene should be switch accordingly.

Installing the plugin:
It might be necessary to install the most recent version of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.
Then either ...
  • Run the provided installer. (You might have to click 'More info' and select 'Run anyway' if it is blocked by Windows)
  • Or alternatively manually copy the obs-plugins and data folders in the respective OBS Studio installation directory.
    It is usually located at C:\Program Files\obs-studio.
Recommended: Run the provided installer. (You might have to right click and select 'open' if it is blocked)

Alternatively manually install the the plugin files to ~/Library/Application\ Support/obs-studio/plugins/advanced-scene-switcher.plugin.

It might also be necessary (if MacOS decided to be annoying) to remove the plugin from the quarantine.
To do this follow these steps:
  1. Open the Terminal application
  2. Run the command: xattr -r -d ~/Library/Application\ Support/obs-studio/plugins/advanced-scene-switcher.plugin
Thanks djSmileyMike for your help!
Note that the plugin has dependencies to:
* libXss
* libXtst
* libcurl
* libopencv-imgproc
* libopencv-objdetect

If you are using snap you can install the following package for an OBS installation which comes bundled with the plugin:
sudo snap install obs-studio

The plugin is also available via the Flatpak package manager for users who installed OBS via Flatpak:
flatpak install com.obsproject.Studio.Plugin.SceneSwitcher

If you have installed OBS via other means, it is most likely necessary to install the plugin manually.
To do so copy the file and into the OBS Studio plugin folder.
The location of this folder can vary, so you might have to look around a bit.

Examples are ...

Unfortunately the expected location of the locale, which can be found in the data folder, can vary also.
The data folder, usually should be copied to:

If this does not work you can try to copy the "locale" folder found inside the data folder to:

In doubt, please check where other "en-US.ini" files are located on your system.

When manually installing the prebuilt artifacts from GitHub please keep in mind that they are built for Qt6.
If your OBS installation is still linking against Qt5 and you install a plugin depending on Qt6 OBS might crash.
Manually compiling the plugin for Qt5 is possible still if it should be required.

Additional Information and Notes:
If you want to build the plug-in yourself the source is available here.

Please report any problems you experience using this plug-in here, on GitHub or send me a direct message.
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Latest reviews

Awesome plugin with loads of features.
why my advanced scene switcher only show up general and macro only? where are the others like time or something else....
I assume you were previously using an OBS version older than OBS 28 and just upgraded to a more recent release.
There was unfortunately a breaking change a few years ago when OBS 28 was released, which resulted in you having to reinstall a more recent version of the advanced scene switcher plugin as the old version of the plugin was no longer compatible.
This unfortunately resulted in your settings being reset to default and thus the old non-macro tabs being hidden by default.
You can re-enable the old tabs, but clicking the corresponding checkbox on the General tab.
A screenshot of this setting is also visible in the FAQ:

I am very sorry about this and I hope this information helped!

If you have further questions feel free to ask in the discussion thread as the communication via reviews is rather limited.
I wish this plugin was called something else because its name undersells it HARD, there's so much you can do with it, switching scenes is like a single grain of sand on the beach of functionality it offers.
I legitimately think I'm not exagerating when I say most people do not understand how crazy powerful this plugin is.
Fantastic plugin that i've used for a good few months now, has pushed our broadcast to new levels.

One issue I have run into today is that when using the 'Scene item visibility - sources in index range' function, the upper index range doesn't save on reload or if duplicating the macro making it effectively broken. Also it only goes up to 99. So scenes with over 99 sources have limitations. Makes it difficult if you are bulk hiding sources, but only on the truly large scenes!
Glad to hear that you found a use for the plugin! :)

The issue of the upper index not saving correctly should be solved with the most recent release.
The maximum value for the index selection was also increased to 999.
Sugestion: Change audio source delay when change a scene
I believe this should already be possible, if I am understanding correctly what you are trying to do.
You can use the "Scene" condition to check for the scene change and use the "Audio" action to set the "Sync offset" the desired value.

If that is not what you were looking for or you need support in setting this up, feel free to reach out in the plugin's discussion thread! :)
Really great plugin and smart developer!
It's hard to comprehend how many possibilities and combinations of uses we get with this development.
Thanks a lot!!!
one of the best plugins out there! complete automation possible, if then conditions/actions, twitch integration, MIDI support and an extremely helpful and supportive dev! kann man nicht meckern <3
Very flexible! Nice plugin!
Love this plugin, such a vast array of functionality and I have barely scratched the surface. Is there a WIKI or FAQ somewhere? I have an issue I''m not sure how to break out of a looping set of scenes when I manually change to a new scene the macro keeps running... I know it's probably a simple thing I need to change but I haven't figured it out as of yet. :)
Glad you are enjoying the plugin!

There is a wiki:

But as it mostly covers the basics and a few examples it is usually best to simply ask in the discussion thread if you have questions :)
Loved the plugin as it was before I needed a tweak. I asked.. at first, the tweak wasn't an option, but just like magic he implemented what I needed and I updated, setup and it worked first time.

Thank you for your great plugin.