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Getting Started
  • If you are brand new to using OBS please check out the OBS Studio Quickstart Guide. It can get you up and running in 4 easy steps!

  • The OBS Studio Overview is a more detailed breakdown of the features in OBS Studio for new and veteran users alike.

  • You can visit the Forums and Community Discord with any questions or issues you have.

  • All of these resources along with Frequently Asked Questions are available via the Help portal in the top navigation bar.

  • Looking for ways to give back? Check out Contributing to the OBS Project to see ways you can support our work.

Latest Updates

OBS Studio 24.0

Pause Recordings

We’ve added one of the community’s most-requested features: the ability to pause a recording! Hit the pause button, take a break, and resume right where you left off without the need to edit out dead air later.

Please note this feature is not available if your recording settings are set to 'Same As Stream'

Dynamic Bitrate

With this new feature enabled under Advanced Settings, OBS will automatically reduce your stream quality to compensate for network issues instead of dropping frames. It will then gradually return back to your specified quality over time when your network issues subside

Custom Browser Panels

You can now set up any webpage as a custom browser panel! Configure your list of custom panels via View -> Docks -> Custom Browser Panels and dock any website you like into OBS itself.

Browser Source Audio Routing

Browser audio is now just like all other audio sources: control audio levels in the audio mixer, apply effects, route through monitoring, and save it to a separate track. If you prefer the previous audio behavior, just uncheck the “Reroute audio through OBS” setting in your browser source’s properties.

Support The OBS Project

With version 23.0 we launched two new initiatives for supporting the OBS Project. Learn more about contributing on Open Collective or Patreon. It's now easier than ever to support our developers!