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Getting Started
  • If you are brand new to using OBS please check out the OBS Studio Quickstart Guide. It can get you up and running in 4 easy steps!

  • The OBS Studio Overview is a more detailed breakdown of the features in OBS Studio for new and veteran users alike.

  • You can visit the Forums and Community Discord with any questions or issues you have.

  • All of these resources along with Frequently Asked Questions are available via the Help portal in the top navigation bar.

  • Looking for ways to give back? Check out Contributing to the OBS Project to see ways you can support our work.

Latest Updates

OBS Studio 25.0

Vulkan Support

Capturing games that use the Vulkan renderer is now supported in OBS Studio! Capture new games like the upcoming DOOM Eternal, or older titles that have been updated with Vulkan support such as Rainbow Six Siege and No Man’s Sky!

Scene Importers

Migrating from another streaming application or operating system? Try out our new Scene Collection Importer - it supports OBS Classic, XSplit, and Streamlabs’ fork of OBS out of the box. It also adds better cross-OS translation for your existing OBS Studio scene collections.

Source Icons

We’ve also added icons in the Sources list, the Add Source menu, and the Advanced Audio Properties dialog, to help tell all your various source types apart at a glance.

Quality Of Life Improvements

We've added other various features to the OBS Studio UI to improve ease of use. A new T-Bar for transitions in studio mode for larger productions, a button to save Replay Buffer clips, Browser Source drag n drop support for URLs and projector toggles

Support The OBS Project

With version 23.0 we launched two new initiatives for supporting the OBS Project. Learn more about contributing on Open Collective or Patreon. It's now easier than ever to support our developers!