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Latest Updates

OBS Studio 23.1

Restream Integration

Service integration has been added for Restream on Windows. This allows you to connect your Restream account directly to OBS instead of grabbing your stream key manually. You can also open Restream chat directly within the program after connecting.

Other Tweaks and Fixes

Take a look at the full changelog for all of the improvements

OBS Studio 23.0

Service Integration

You can can now connect your Twitch or Mixer account directly in OBS instead of having to enter in a stream key. Connecting your account can give you access to various new dockable windows such as chat, stream dashboards or stream information depending on the platform. You can connect your account in the Stream section of the Settings dialog or the Auto Configuration dialog. This feature is optional; you can still simply use your stream key if you wish.

NVENC Improvements on Windows

We've added a new version of the NVENC encoder, which gives better performance and has a few new features, such as Psycho-Visual tuning and Look-ahead. This version is especially useful for single-PC setups, where it will further help minimize impact of encoding on any games you're playing. Note that these performance improvements are not available on Windows 7 due to limitations in Windows 7.

OBS Studio Progress Report, February 2019

With version 23 released, a new progress report is ready as well. Read up on the challenges that were overcome to make the latest update a reality. Jim talks about recent developments, the research that went into new features and some of the technical details behind the biggest improvements that were made.

New way to support the project

With version 23.0 we've launched two new initiatives for supporting the OBS Project. Our blog post goes into all the details of us launching on Open Collective and Patreon. It's now easier than ever to support the many contributors of the OBS Project!