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Getting Started
  • If you are brand new to using OBS please check out the OBS Studio Quickstart Guide. It can get you up and running in 4 easy steps!

  • The OBS Studio Overview is a more detailed breakdown of the features in OBS Studio for new and veteran users alike.

  • You can visit the Forums and Community Discord with any questions or issues you have.

  • All of these resources along with Frequently Asked Questions are available via the Help portal in the top navigation bar.

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Latest Updates

OBS Studio 27.0

Undo/Redo Support

OBS Studio 27 brings one of our most-requested features: undo/redo support! Fixing your mistakes is now as easy as hitting Ctrl+Z (Cmd +Z on macOS). You can also redo an action with either Ctrl+Y or Ctrl+Shift+Z

Browser Docks on macOS and Linux

After a ton of work we’ve added support for browser panels at last! Not only does this mean you can add custom browser docks, but you can also directly log in to your Twitch and Restream accounts with the “Connect Account” button.

Not currently available on Wayland

Source Visibility Transitions

When you toggle a source’s visibility, you can now make it transition in and out using any type of transition that OBS supports, including stingers!

Track Matte Stingers

Stinger transitions have now been updated with a new setting called a track matte. Track matte stingers allow you to create transitions that show both the first scene and the second scene at the same time during the transition. Standard stinger transitions typically require a frame that covers the whole screen in order to mask the cut between Scene A and Scene B. With track mattes, you can seamlessly show both scenes simultaneously during the transition.

Learn more about creating a track matte stinger on the wiki

Missing Files Dialog

It is now much easier to catch which sources are missing files, similar to other video production apps. Simply launch OBS or switch scene collections to be notified.

All built-in sources are supported, including the Browser and VLC Video. Using the dialog, users have the option of manually choosing a new folder/file, or clearing the source’s selected path. If all files are in the same folder, they’ll automatically be detected when a file is chosen.

Noise Removal, powered by NVIDIA Broadcast on Windows

The Noise Suppression audio filter now supports NVIDIA Noise Removal. OBS Studio comes bundled with two existing noise removal methods known as Speex and RNNoise. This update lets users with supported NVIDIA GPUs and the NVIDIA Broadcast Audio Effects SDK installed use the noise removal technology of NVIDIA Broadcast as a Noise Suppression filter.

Improved Display Capture for Laptops

Display Capture on laptops now allows for capturing displays on different GPUs. This requires no user configuration, making it easier than ever for users to get started creating amazing content. When laptop capture mode is enabled, a yellow border will be displayed around the selected display (but not in the output), indicating that it’s using Windows Graphics Capture. This border is handled by Windows itself and cannot currently be turned off — but a future Windows 10 update will provide the option to hide it.

Wayland on Linux

This release makes it possible to run OBS as a native Wayland application, and capture windows and monitors on Wayland environments. Capturing uses PipeWire and XDG Portals to operate, which enable secure, performant, stable captures. These are emergent technologies that may not be available on certain Linux distributions.

Support The OBS Project

With version 23.0 we launched two new initiatives for supporting the OBS Project. Learn more about contributing on Open Collective or Patreon. It's now easier than ever to support our developers!