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Latest Updates

OBS Studio 28


Some plugins may not be compatible with OBS 28. You can check the status of the most common plugins on the OBS Plugin Compatibility page.

Anniversary Update

Welcome to OBS Studio 28, celebrating the 10th anniversary of OBS! 10 years ago, the first version of OBS was released by Jim. Today, we have hundreds of contributors and countless users. We're very grateful for all the support, and we're happy that so many people find it useful! This release comes with a ton of new features, all of which can be found in the release notes, but we've highlighted a few here.

HDR Support

First, and probably the biggest change, is that we now have HDR support! You can play games in HDR and OBS will automatically tonemap the content to SDR. If you want to capture and record HDR content, this is now possible with the appropriate HDR settings. See the release notes for a basic overview and how to set OBS correctly for HDR.

Native Apple Silicon Support

For our Apple M1/M2 users, native Apple Silicon support is here! OBS is now available as an ARM64 app for macOS, running without Rosetta. Also available for our Apple friends on macOS 12.5+ is the new ScreenCaptureKit, which improves the experience in capturing both individual windows and the display. For those on macOS 13+, direct audio capture is also available.

New NVIDIA Background Removal and Noise Suppression features

NVIDIA Background Removal is now available for RTX GPUs on Windows. This allows you to remove the background from your camera without a physical greenscreen.

We've also added the Room Echo Removal feature from the NVIDIA Broadcast Audio Effects SDK to the Noise Suppression filter.

New AMD Encoder

We’ve added a new, more efficient and up-to-date implementation of the AMD encoder on Windows. This update improves performance and provides access to new encoder features.

OBS Websockets 5

A long time coming, obs-websocket is now part of OBS as a first-party plugin! This makes it easier to get up and running with tools that interact with obs-websocket. You can find more information here:

Thank you for the 10 years of support!

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