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Twitch VOD Track Guide

The Twitch VOD track feature built into OBS Studio allows you to send a different audio feed for your stream while it's live than what is heard in your VOD. This is commonly used to remove music or other unwanted audio from the VOD that is published on Twitch.


  1. Go to the Settings → Stream window and connect your Twitch account using the Connect Account button
  1. Select Output in the settings sidebar and first tick the Enable Custom Encoder Settings box, then tick the Twitch VOD Track box that will appear afterwards
  1. In the Audio Mixer dock, click the gear icon at the bottom left to open up the Advanced Audio Properties window
    • Note: you can also access this from Edit in the menu bar
  1. By default, track 1 is your live audio feed while track 2 is your VOD audio feed. In this example, all audio sources are set to be sent to the live feed on track 1 but the Music source is excluded from the VOD feed on track 2
    • Note: you are still able to use tracks 3-6 to separate your audio for editing afterwards