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Multiple Audio Track Recording Guide

Setting your audio sources to record to multiple tracks is useful when working with an editor after you are finished recording in OBS Studio. It is important to note that all standard video players will only play back one audio track at a time so if you are not planning on processing every video through an editor before publishing it, send all of your audio sources to track 1 like you see in the example below.


  1. In the Audio Mixer dock, click the gear icon at the bottom left to open up the Advanced Audio Properties window
    • Note: you can also access this from Edit in the menu bar
  1. Assign each of your audio sources to its own recording track. In this example, I have assigned all of them to track 1 to ensure they all playback when watching in a standard video player and used tracks 2-6 to separate the rest of the audio
  1. Go to the Settings → Output window and enable the tracks that you would like to record