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Zyphen's Now Playing overlay 2.1


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Snip is picking up my spotify account and what is playing but the song.html i downloaded don't display anything. Any ideas where to start troubleshooting?


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Hi I'm not sure if this is still being looked at but just a quick question really. I've got it all working and seems to be working just fine. However, the widget is always on, is it possible to hide the widget after about 5 seconds of the same song playing and the show back up once the song switches? I read on here that it already does this but mine doesn't seem to do it.


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I must be the only person this doesn't work for? Never goes on and never shows anything, everythings connected and followed steps exactly but just stays blank permanently


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added support for my ytmdesktop app

you can enable the client api in the settings


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To anybody writing here, I'm sorry for not responding! The way the obsproject discussion page is structured, it's hard for me to stay up to date with what's happening.

I've recently created a GitHub repository for the project, which can be found on the overview section. For those who are having issues, please open a new Issue on the Issues page of the GitHub.

To those who implemented adițional functionality into the widget: First of all, thank you! Second of all, feel free to fork the repo for easier findability if it's a different version from the original, or if it's just an improvement, please do a pull request and I'll test it and merge it into the main app!


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To anybody wondering how to hide it after a certain amount of time of the same song playing, add this to song.html before "function displayData() {" :

function Hidden() {
            marginLeft: "-500px",
          }, 500)
          shown = false;

Then in function displayData() add this line after "shown = true;":

setTimeout(Hidden, 6000);

In this way it hides itself after 6000 milliseconds, so adjust it as you please (It will show up again when a new song it's played).


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Awesome overlay, but...
Got one problem im confused with - widget can`t hold cover (pulled up from spotify) longer then for 1-2 secs after refresh, than it shows image as violated doc throughout the stream. Using overlay with tuna. Maybe there is known problems, did not find any info :\


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I have a song that is not only overflowing and so it scrolls, but at a certain point it stops showing the song title. Demon Hunter's Snap your fingers, Snap your neck, stops showing text at the comma. Is there a fix for this? What if the song title is even longer?


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Is it possible to make the Widget appear when a new song is being played? I mean, that it appears with the name of the song, etc. for a few seconds, and then dissapears until the next song is being played