Question / Help Zoom not displaying in OBS via Game Capture properly


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Hi World,
Has anyone else recently had issues between Zoom and OBS? I've been running interviews with it where the setup is me and the guest on Zoom and then, using Game Capture (because nothing else works), I'm getting very hit and miss integration between the two. As in sometimes it'll show, then I adjust a bit of Text GDI+ and then the Zoom feed drops out. But then I hit transition (only have one scene btw so technically nothing to transition to) and it might bring back the Zoom window in the preview.

Today for example I was troubleshooting the audio with a guest who's laptop wasnt working for sound. OBS had visuals from Zoom, everything was cool. Then we abandoned her laptop and went to her Galaxy S8 instead and the video wouldnt come through at all from Zoom. Thankfully I WIN+G'd & Zoom cloud recorded it so I can produce a decent replay #coveryourarse but the Live wasn't nearly as good by any means. Last week's interview was a bit stop/start but then held and was great.
I'd welcome anyone's input on how to make this more stable and reliable for future interviews I hold please.


Tech spec:
Zoom: V4.6.10 (I've just seen theres an update available for 5.0.23xxxx. Not sure why this didnt force and update already. May/not solve it will have to play with myself to test that.
OBS: V25.0.8
Rig: Win 10 x64 , all updated, 16gb RAM, SSD, Ryzen 5 1600x, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB ,


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Update: Doing a test just now having updated Zoom appears to be working at inital efforts. Could it have been as simple as that? Dont know. Will post again if issues return. Hope this is useful to others.