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Zoom and Follow 0.1.0


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How to fix Some of OBS Zoom and follow mouse Script Errors


[] Traceback (most recent call last):
[] File "C:\Program Files/obs-studio/data/obs-plugins/frontend-tools/scripts\", line 871, in <module>
[] zs = ZoomSettings(cwd, settings_dir, settings_file_name)
[] File "C:\Program Files/obs-studio/data/obs-plugins/frontend-tools/scripts\", line 81, in __init__
[] makedirs(self.file_dir)
[] File "C:\Users/xxx/AppData/Local/Programs/Python/Python310\lib\", line 225, in makedirs
[] mkdir(name, mode)
[] PermissionError: [WinError 5] Access is denied: 'C:\\Program Files\\obs-studio\\data\\obs-plugins\\frontend-tools\\scripts\\settings'

No module Named 'pywinctl'



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I'm getting these scripting errors.

[] File "C:/Program Files/obs-studio/data/obs-plugins/frontend-tools/scripts/obs-zoom-and-follow-master\", line 1033
[] match(prop_name):
[] ^
[] SyntaxError: invalid syntax



I managed to make it work after updating to the latest Python version AND reinstalling the script.

But after I rebooted the PC, it doesn't work again. I tried with two screens and an external screen attached to my laptop.

I enabled the debug log. It doesn't report errors. It correctly detects zoom activity. But nothing is showing on screen.


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Hey there,
I have solved all of the possible errors on OBS and had a hard time struggling with them.
Now I have a ridiculous problem that I can't find any reason for that

as you see in the picture above, when I open "Monitor Override" section, it doesn't recognize that I do HAVE a display!
and as the result,
when I leave that part blank and try to see if I can zoom, I see that it zooms on the very top left corner on the screen, till the size of the Display becomes "1px, 1px". and when hit on the zoom hotkey again, it gets back to the normal view. And also following the mouse cursor doesn't work.

I'm not really in need of "following the cursor" thing. If I could only zoom on the area my mouse cursor is right now and get back to the normal view, that would be enough for me.

But unfortunately, it's not working for me.
any ideas?


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Does it actually work?
  • I have installed Python 3.7.9, and installed the two dependency Python packages as well (Pynput and Screeninfo).
  • I also made sure to point to the Python install folder path.
  • When I add the script into the script list in OBS, I get a statement that merely says "No properties available".
  • I can tell by looking at the file in a text editor that certainly are supposed to be a slew of properties.
Exactly. I need help too.