YouTube/OBS Audio Issues, But Only With Fraction of Viewers


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So here's our situation. Broadcasting from a church, live services. Using a video switcher, fed into OBS, and then streamed through YouTube. Working with OBS on Mac. Before a few weeks ago we just used the video switcher as a webcam on YouTube, but it was compressing our audio terribly. Jumped to OBS so we could use settings which would protect audio fidelity. The audio compression problem is now gone, replaced by a different one.

The problem is weird. About 20% of our viewers on the livestream hear no audio. The other 80% hear audio fine. This is true both live and on recorded playback. I've contacted those with the problem and there is no consistency on their OS, what app they are using, etc. One fixed the problem by moving from phone to laptop, another has same problem on multiple devices. It can't be that no audio is going out of OBS, because the other 80% are hearing sound. I've tried to replicate the problem myself and cannot get the problem to replicate on my devices. Any guesses? Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

Log file: