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Hello! I’m new to streaming with OBS.
I wish to stream to my YouTube but now matter what I try it looks awful or is skipping so much that it’s unwatchable! Strangely enough twitch seems to do okay but after awhile, I’d say about in hour or so of streaming it will start to skip and lag aswell.

I’m using an Elgato 60 s+ with myxbox series x and my MacBook Pro.. here are my Mac book pro specs

I’m running OBS like this:

Encoder: x264
Rescale output: unchecked
rate control CBR
Bitrate 4500
Keyfrane interval 2
CPU usage preset medium
Profile high

video settings
Base 1920x1080
Output 1280x720
Downscale filter 36 samples
FPS 30

is there something I’m doing wrong? Do I need to build a PC for this to work properly?


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