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I have scoured YouTube and the forums for a solution to my issue. Could really use some assistance here!

I use a Focusrite 18i20 with Ableton Live on Windows. I play guitar and make electronic music, and I want to start doing Facebook Live tutorials and performances with OBS.

After encountering the ASIO issue, my research and troubleshooting lead me to Voice Meeter, which I've successfully installed. I am still having a problem with the audio though. No matter what I do, the recorded audio in OBS is always the pre-Ableton sound, i.e. I play my guitar with plugins, have a nice overdriven sound, but when I play back the recording, it's just the dry unaltered guitar signal.

I swear I've tried every possible setting and configuration in OBS, Voice Meeter, and Ableton... and still no luck. Half the time I get a high-pitched squealing feedback sound. I am hoping that there is one small piece of this puzzle that I am missing, and that someone who's experienced this can help me out!!

Thank you.
The Voicemeeter "solution" is just to give you a virtual line to work with (it should actually give you 2 -- the main one, and an "aux" one). What you want to do is set your monitoring setting in Ableton to output your wet audio to one of these virtual lines, and then capture that same virtual line in OBS.
Hi, thanks! That makes sense.

So if I choose Voicemeeter ASIO as the output in Ableton, do I use an "audio input capture" or "audio output capture" in OBS? Still slightly confused between those two. Thanks again.
Hi, thanks. Still no luck. Just makes ear-splitting feedback...

Please, someone walk me through this.

1. In Ableton, I should choose "Voicemeeter Virtual ASIO"? Should I use Virtual ASIO, AUX Virtual ASIO, or Insert Virtual ASIO? Is there any way I can choose Focusrite ASIO and still route the audio through Voicemeeter?

2. In Voicemeeter, turn off all hardware inputs, and only use the virtual input (still get horrible feedback...). Is this correct? Do I have to do anything in the back end settings in Voicemeeter?

3. In OBS, should I use audio "input capture" or "output capture", and which Voicemeeter should I choose? Regular or AUX? Even when I do manage to get audio into OBS from my Focusrite, it's always the pre-Ableton dry guitar sound.
you wrote you encountered an asio issue in your first post; what is that ? you tried the asio plugin and it did not work ?
(i am one of the authors of the asio plugin)
you wrote you encountered an asio issue in your first post; what is that ? you tried the asio plugin and it did not work ?
(i am one of the authors of the asio plugin)
Hi! Are you talking specifically about the OBS ASIO plugin? I was referring to issues handling ASIO audio in general. Although yes, I did try the OBS ASIO plugin as well, but still couldn't get it to take the post-Ableton sound. It also made OBS much more prone to crashing. If you have any suggestions I would be very grateful!
I don't use Ableton so i can't help for that; but with Reaper, i get the mixes to obs without issues.
Reaper includes a virtual asio device called Rearoute; you just add it to the Sends from one of your tracks; this will be post FX and post fader.
You can have up to 256 virtual tracks which are detected by the asio plugin.


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Question: I want to capture not only the mixes from REAPER, but the live action as I navigate around REAPER. Do you know how to capture VST interfaces when I access them on a track? (The primary REAPER window is captured, but not any "popup" windows). Also, how can I port the the audio of samples I am previewing in the Media Browser over to OBS? I am using ReaRoute. Much appreciated.