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OBS Lua Whiteboard Source (Windows only) 1.3a


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Whiteboard Source (Windows only) - This script provides a whiteboard source that allows users to draw on their live output.

Whiteboard Source for OBS Studio (Windows only)

This script adds a new whiteboard source to OBS Studio that allows users to display live drawings on top of their scenes.

Each scene can have its own whiteboard, though the tool settings (color, size, etc.) are shared.

  • Download the .7z file and extract it somewhere.
  • Open OBS Studio, click the 'Tools' dropdown option, and then click 'Scripts'.
  • Hit the '+' button at the...
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New Member
HI, i have just Install the Whiteboard.lua into Scripts,
(i've changed from black to white or other color)

create a scenes with whiteboard and placed on top
right click in windowed and Project screen,

but it seen not working.

can you give some advice how to solved this issue?




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Ok I got it to work. I am using OBS live just so you know.

1. Add it to my scene and set up my hotkeys
2. right-click on the preview window
3 on the right-click menu there are two(2) options near the top; fullscreen projector preview and window projector preview ( note: these are different than the options at the bottom of the right-click menu)

VIOLA it works <insert dramatic music here> FOR ME!!!!

Hope this helps


Ah, I had my notifications configured incorrectly, so I didn't notice the posts here, sorry.

Nepocrates has it set up correctly. :)

Once you've added the Whiteboard source to a scene, you should be able to right-click on either the Scene or the Live output window, open a "Fullscreen Projector" or "Windowed Projector", and then draw in the projector window with left-click. Do not use source projection (these show up as "Windowed/Fullscreen Projector (Source)" options). You have to project either the Scene or the Live output window.

The Whiteboard source itself has no properties, because they're all located in the script properties.


edit: I'll see if I can put together a picture guide this weekend or something to help clarify how this works.