Which Game Capture Device?


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Hello guys, little problem. I own Elgato Game Capture Hd 60s + and i have a problem with stream. Is lagging (sound too) and settings (because i disnt stream at 4k) is painful. I try streaming twice and sound was lagging, screen, everything (with obs studio).. so, is probably i dont have any graphics card in my streamung computer. I7, 8 cores, 16gb ram.. i want to refund that device and buy something, that can stream at 1080 full hd and my pc will handle it. I think maybe elgato hd 60s (without plus), or AverMedia Live Gamer mini, but i am little affraid that everything will be lagging on my computer. Which device i need to buy? Did i need graphics card? (streaming Hearthstone from computer with obs studio is OK, i just need something to streaming games from PS4)... thanks :)