capture device

  1. V

    The webcam doesn't work

    I don't know why, but the photocamera for my computer doesn't work. I use it as a webcam when I have to record certain videos, but today, it has been very unstable. It doesn't work properly and freezes whenever it turns on. I first noticed it on OBS, and it doesn't work with the photocamera...
  2. Inksaar

    VHS to Digital audio.

    I am attempting to convert my family's VHS tapes (birthday parties, ball games, etc) to digital. I bought a Diamond capture device YEARS ago to do this. Before I go any further, here is my setup: Operating System: Windows 10 64x Capture Device: One-Touch Video Converter VC500 by Diamond...
  3. T

    Which Game Capture Device?

    Hello guys, little problem. I own Elgato Game Capture Hd 60s + and i have a problem with stream. Is lagging (sound too) and settings (because i disnt stream at 4k) is painful. I try streaming twice and sound was lagging, screen, everything (with obs studio).. so, is probably i dont have any...