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Hello everyone,

I've been experiencing a very weird issue that I cannot seem to pinpoint the source, and worse yet it happens randomly. I get this weird tick/clip/popping noise every now and then for like a split second and I cannot seem to resolve it. I've reinstalled my audio drivers, switched my USBs around, re-installed OBS, changed to 32-bit instead of 64-bit, changed the frequency of my audio devices, updated my BIOS, switched from voicemeeter to an actual USB Mixer, ran tests on both Chrome and Edge to see if the web browser was the issues (the popping sound seems to be gone when I'm not on a web browser), made a brand new scene collection with just a Media Source playing back in my headset to see if the pop would happen, I even tested it on a seperate PC (with my imported scene collections on OBS) and I was still having this random popping sound! And I get this issue even when I'm not streaming, just monitoring the audio to my Headset. I know it's minimal, but I just want to have everything running at 100% without any stupid issues.

I made a clip of the problem you can here it at the very end, as you can see it is very minimal:

Here are my logs as well:

Anyone know what could be the cause of these audio glitches?

Edit: I’ve been thinking about it and this is a recent issue. It has never happened beforehand so I’m guessing maybe reverting to an older version of OBS? Since I had the same issues on a different PC. I even tried running the same scene on Xsplit while monitoring the audio and the audio was fine on its end. I’ll update later!

Edti #2: Nope, still no fix.
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