Webcam becomes laggy/choppy when a game is launched


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Recently (I would say after the last Nvidia driver update) whenever a game displays 3d/graphically intensive is launched, my webcam (a Kinect v2) is REALLY choppy/laggy (odd thing is that old games like Tomb Raider 2013 gives me the same issue, but not minecraft even with heavy shaders, same for 2d games and Honkai Impact 3rd (an other not performance heavy 3d game) so I really don’t know what is going on, maybe because the issue only happens with games that uses the DirectX API games and not opengl ?)

What I really need is that someone confirms to me that this is a driver issue and that I'm not the only one with this issue (I only hope that it's not an hardware issue)

(I noticed this issue when I was trying to resolve an issue where my mic was laggy/made me sound robotic, turned out it was RTX Voice that is being buggy and without it my mic sounds as expected, that’s one more reason that makes me say that it’s most likely a problem with the new nvidia drivers )

The issue also occures in slobs and Action! (and I would guess any other recording software) too

Geforce 2070 RTX
Ryzen 7 2700X
16Go RAM


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Quick update (sorry for the double post but I just thought about this):
I just tested to see if it still happens when alt tabbing with the game still in the background, and the webcam does stop stuttering.


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Update 2: Problem solved!! (again sorry for the triple post)
It was indeed the new drivers that broke everything, I just had to disable Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling in windows 10 graphical options (found the solution in the "GeForce 451.67 Game Ready Driver Feedback Thread (Released 7/9/20)" thread on the nvidia forum, with this statement from it "Video playback on the secondary display lags/freezes while playing a game on the primary display if Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling is enabled [200586262]")