Virtual Camera Issue


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I am developing an application to switch the scenes of OBS. For that i am using the latest version of OBS (27.0). The main issue is i am unable to get the video feed from that inbuilt "Virtual Camera" after starting this in my AIR application using the Camera. I am getting the Virtual Camera name as "OBS Virtual Camera" but not able to connect with. But if i install the Virtual Camera plug-in then able to get the Camera feed from that plug-in. Can anybody let me know what i am doing wrong here in getting the feed from inbuilt Virtual Camera. According to me it should get the camera feed even from the inbuilt "Virtual Camera". Pls suggest.


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Use 27.0.1 if using 27.x.

Are you trying to open the virtual cam feed twice? Because you write about a self-developed application and an AIR application. Whatever openes the virtual cam first will block it for the second.
Really its possible that the "builtin" virtual cam works a little bit different than the (older) plug-in. Unfortunately i don't know details about. Maybe someone else may answer here with more detailed knowledge.


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No i am trying to connect with inbuilt Virtual Camera. Bit its not showing anything. But in different scenario when i install the virtualcam plugin and connect with plugin then it works.
So my question is why the inbuilt Virtual Camera is not working if i try to connect with this?