Videos recorded with obs are very laggy and blocky and not smooth


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I want to record Minecraft gameplay on my gaming laptop, however when I record anything the outputted video is of very bad quality (The video being very slow and blocky and very clunky). I do not know how to fix this. Is there anything I can do to improve the recorded video. I want to record in 30-60fps, with the video being very clear. I do not mind too much on the file size, as I only want to record videos that are up 20 a maximum length of 30 minutes and I have 100gb storage that is free to use.
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*log file*
Holy crap m8, you run OBS on 300k bitrate!?!?!! Not sure whether it's just me, or it really is run that way, but 300k bitrate is gonna overload your pc I believe. Just run on 3k bitrate and work your way up until you get good quality.
Also, I believe the game capture is barely managing to connect to Minecraft, as Minecraft has no love for game capture. Run OBS as Admin by searching up OBS in your start menu and clicking on Run as Administrator.
Finally, not sure whether you are using like 10k plugins, but can you instead go to the OBS help tab thing on the top default button and clicking on it? Then click on log files and then upload current log file and copy the link please. I believe you actually copied and pasted different log files right next to each other which is a bit confusing to understand.
Could you also post a video so we can see your quality?


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That's fine!
So, it still isn't being run as admin, and usually, unless you have the god dream pc that can have like 1 Terrabytes of RAM, the worlds best gpu and cpu and a bunch of other requirements, then 60k bitrate is still a bit too much. Most YouTubers would use about 10k give or take, but very few streamers stream at 80k or 60k due to system requirements. I personally use the settings in the screenshot below. There are more customizable options if you go to output tab in settings and change it to advanced output mode. You said that you were recording, so I would recommend you go to the advanced tab instead of simple tab. You may have to edit the default settings to find the best settings though.
Do a speed test on google or and find your upload speed. I found, but wouldn't really trust relying on it to find bitrate. More bitrate = Not always better quality.
Since you are recording Minecraft according to your slides and game capture in your log, go to you Minecraft video settings like in the other screenshot, and cap your frames.
The screenshot is only to show the location, do not use these settings, unless you want them.
Slide down the fps bar to VSYNC on the very left, because VSYNC will sync your frames to your pc's hz rate.
Most likely, your fps will end up capped at 60, and it should leave your resources more open.
Also, it says you aren't running OBS as admin still on your log ;-;
Admin will help make game capture more compatible with your Minecraft.


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For recording, use simple output mode with Hardware (NVENC) and one of the quality presets.