Video playback not working


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So I just downloaded the software and set everything up according to the prompts and guides and I have tried to do several display captures with no luck so far. When I go to playback the video I keep getting an error message that reads "Can't play; We can't find an audio device. Make sure headphones or speakers are connected. For more info, search your device for "Manage audio devices."; 0xc00d4e86"

I have tried both "Display capture" and "Window Capture" as the source and I can't get the recordings to play either way. I keep getting the same error message.

I also tried the default settings and manually selecting the speakers and microphone but no luck with that either. I only plan on using this software for screen recordings. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


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QuickSync is falling back to an outdated version. Try either updating your quicksync drivers, or reverting to an older version.

Or, try using x264 encoding instead.

Also, make sure you're using VLC to play back videos. The default windows player is.... not great.