Valorant game capture is noisy and distorted


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I have been trying to record valorant with a game capture but the recording is always noisy and off color. in menus it is red while in game it is blue.
In menu:
Screenshot (62).png

In game (cropped due to image size restrictions):
Screenshot (64).png

I have tried previous version of obs both 64 and 32 bit to attempt to fix the problem but that hasn't worked. This includes versions:
- 25.0.8
- 26.1.1
- 27.0.1

While the display capture works to record the game without these distortions I would much prefer to use game capture as I tend to alt-tab out of the game(I know this will cause the recording to freeze) to check things or interact with friends on discord. I am not sure if this helps but the only other time I have seen this type of distortion was running an old game through a virtual machine with mismatched color depths however since the HUD elements still have the red/pink color in game I feel this might be a rendering issue. Just let me know if any more info is needed.