Question / Help Using Neural DSP: Archetype Plini plugin with OBS


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I tried browsing through the internet for this and found pretty much nothing on the subject. So I'm using this standalone plugin for guitar amping (VST) and connect guitar through Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface. The problem is that I found no way to capture the audio on OBS. The problem is that even though I get the output through my audio interface on speakers, the "speakers" or "desktop" output on windows doesn't show any activity and there's no audio input/output source that captures the audio from the plugin.

Even the clean input on the interface doesn't show up anywhere, although this could be OBS not recognizing the second input of the audio interface for a reason or another.

Yet I've seen people stream guitar playing through Plini plugin on Twitch (see Ola Englund for example). Do you have suggestions on how to sort this out?


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On the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, I assume you plug the guitar into one of the XLR jacks. There is a little switch below each of them marked Line and Inst. Did you try moving the switch to Inst?

Scarletts driver also needs to have its audio sampling set correctly. Go to Windows sound control panel.
Click the Recording tab, then Advanced tab.

You may have to set the default format to be 2 channels, one for the first XLR input (usually the mic) and the second XLR input for the guitar.



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Thanks, I didn't realize the format wasn't set to 2 channel when every DAW software recognized it easily, as well as the plugin. I'll still have to check out if this brings any audio to capture, but it might help since I found that in OIBS audio source filters you can find the plugin, so maybe I'll get it working one way or another.


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Yup, using the plugin as a filter in OBS audio source does get the sound through, but there's the problem of huge lag. The monitored sound is almost a whole beat off.


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I hate to do this :( but I need to did this one back up from its eternal rest. Do you ever get it working? I’m having the same problem. I want to do some guitar learning videos on a FB page. I’d like to use OBS to record me playing with the Neursl DSP plugin sound and pic (or something like that). I can get all kinds of video and or desktop captures, but no sound will record.



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For whoever finds this. I have NOT tested this yet... but after looking around I found what should be a fix. Go here:

Get the file: obs-asio.v320-bassasio.7z
Unzip it and drop the two folders into the path: C:\Program Files\obs-studio (assuming you're on windows and this was your install directory (its the default)

then open OBS and you should see its now able to be populated with values.

Ill test tonight... but if anyone else has time, please let me know if it worked.


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I tested just now, and it did not work for me. Anyone know how to roll OBS back without losing all the settings and configs?