[Urgent] Help live streaming a Zoom channel (using simultaneous interpreting) to Youtube


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Hi everyone

I think this should be pretty straightforward compared to other requests and maybe it has been answered but I tried several key words and didn't get anything. Basically I need to live stream a Zoom webinar to Youtube, but with the audio from a channel other than the main, since I will be having simultaneous interpreting. I have been able to set up the live stream for the main channel, but there is a small bit of the webinar that is in a different language and since we are doing live streaming and have already promoted the event as not needing any type of register or log in, I would need to have a second youtube link for the translated bit. I contacted Zoom support and apparently is not possible natively, but they said it is with OBS. I've never used it but I've been able to set up a Youtube livestream using the standard sources (screenshot, live camera feed, etc). Anyways, I need some help setting up this alternative Youtube link with the source being my Zoom webinar, particularly one of the channels. Is that possible?

Thanks a lot!